Would love to say thank goodness it’s Friday but with working from home every single day of the week just kinds of blends together. That is the only thing that really sucks about it, to be honest. I am personally not much of a people person, so just being in the company of my dog is a glorious thing in my book.

I am trying to get better at just getting some writing done on the blog on a daily basis, still not doing a great job at it as I missed the last couple of days but hey I am far from perfect even if I would love to be.

This weekend we are going to tackle a bunch more home projects, we have some landscaping projects that we want to get done in the front and rear of our house, adding some stone to a section of our front and some new bushes and doing a small paver block landing at the bottom of the stairs off of our deck. Then on the interior we are going to be painting our living room with some nice fresh paint is of a higher quality than the builders grade crap you get in a new home. We have the color picked out and we do that at least in the living room this weekend. The outside projects might not get done if the weather is crappy, like it might be up here in the Northeast.

Going to slow cook a nice big ass chuck roast for 24 hours to see how that turns out, saw someone I follow on YouTube do this all the time and says it turns out fantastic, so that will make for a nice dinner on Sunday. Something I will look forward to. Doing the whole carnivore diet thing for me is great, I love eating meat, so it doesn’t bother me to not have any veggies and all.

Speaking of eating, this is something I have had to deal with now for years, but my wife is on a kick again with her anorexia and this is driving me nuts without a doubt. More recently she has been talking about purging, something which she also has done before. She didn’t think I knew about that, but I did. Right now she is eating only one meal a day and if she could she wouldn’t eat at all. She just says she doesn’t need food. Everyone needs food whether they think so. At this point there is no helping her, it has gone so far beyond that all I can do is hope she changes her ways. However, I do not think this will happen.

Well, this is it for now. Maybe I will have time to post over the weekend but not sure, definitely again on Monday.

– iWrite4Me