Yes, I absolutely must get better at this for sure. I am getting more into a habit of not writing when I should do some writing on this blog to get it moving. The worst part is I really have little of an excuse at this point since I am not at work, I am working from home at least till the end of this month, and it could go longer than that at this point we really don’t know at this point. So from here on I am going to make it a habit to post at least one new post per day here.

What am I up to well first Telework, that has been interesting and being an introvert it doesn’t bother me, I am just hanging out here with my dog at this point and she is good company. Beyond that I have taken some time to fix up this site some more but now need to get daily posts going so I can get writing more and getting into the habit of writing on the daily.

I get to get in my workouts earlier in the day, at least before my wife gets home, she is still getting to go to the office as she has been deemed essential in her role, but that is OK, if she was here it would drive her batty and that wouldn’t be good for me. I have been doing more Crossfit style workouts the last few weeks and like it, and might just continue that instead of going back to doing more powerlifting centric type stuff, which is what I was doing before. It is more scalable and that will keep me from getting nuts trying to lift way more weight than my body might like me to lift. Decades of powerlifting have destroyed most of my joints and now it’s time to realize I need to do more rehab type stuff to keep my fit.

I am also going to spend the next 60 – 90 days doing strictly carnivore in terms of my diet which when doing that over the last few months has given me the best gains in terms of weight loss but I have to seriously cut out all the junk which I have added in here and there, so the next few months will involve one treat a week, a Chick-fil-A shake on Saturdays.

One thing getting into the daily writing is supposed to do is get me moving towards writing my short erotic stories, which I will do to earn some extra money and well because I think it will be fun to do. I have been working towards getting into that the last few days as well by deciding on certain things like platform and niche and things like that. I hope to start at least one of those stories later this week maybe and get it published in the next two weeks. Just not sure if I am just going to publish it here or also publish it to Amazon and other outlets that I have yet to decide.

Beyond all the above trying to get some home projects done, interior painting and then some outdoor landscaping that is all in progress.

Well, this is all for now.

– iWrite4Me