OK, so this is my rant for today, what the fuck is wrong with people and the liberal lame stream media? Why is everyone in a fucking panic over a simple virus that is nothing more than a common cold, mostly. You all realize that the flu kills 600,000 thousand people worldwide per year, this virus hasn’t even infected that many people worldwide at this point. But yet we are allowing the media to throw us all into a frenzy and literally tank the worldwide economy, ARE YOU ALL FUCKING STUPID??? The answer to that question is an obvious YES!!!!

Though in reality it doesn’t surprise me with the level of stupid that has come out of this so far. I just hope it doesn’t continue because if it does we are going to see whole industries bankrupted due to it.

Another lesson to learn from this, WHY THE FUCK DOES THE USA RELY ON CHINA FOR 80 – 90% OF OUR DRUG SUPPLY? More stupid from US companies thinking hey lets move production to a cheaper location, and a potential enemy of the USA, WOW HOW SMART OF THEM!

It is time for the USA to bring manufacturing back to the USA and if not at least to countries that won’t possibly become our enemy. Smarten up people!