OK, so finally got the Writing-Editing page fixed and added the means to order and pay for it, which is the one thing I needed to get done. PayPal had changed how they did the buttons for ordering so I had to get time to figure that out and I think it had more to do with I was trying to do that from my iPad vs from a regular PC. Once I got on there with a regular PC all good.

What I would hope to have happen over time is that I can make some serious extra income from this site via doing proofreading and editing for other people so getting that back up and working was important and part of what I wanted to get going with the new year. The other major thing for this new year is to do more writing, which is why I am trying to do more posts on this site day to day. The goal is at least one per day.

Another thing I am going to get going this year is doing more drawing, I used to be pretty damned good, but stopped doing it and so now I have to get my skills back and what not. But I am going to make that happen this year. I will post that stuff here. I am hoping to generate some extra income from that as well over time, if not this year then next. I also want to see about dabbling a bit of painting. I figure why not, as I want to expand my horizons.

On the weight loss thing, still doing carnivore and will continue it for the foreseeable future because it makes me feel good. I am as of the other day down to 194 lbs and have maintained my weight under 200 for about 2 weeks now. My end goal is around 175ish with hopefully body fat percentage down around 15% or lower. Once I get the weight down, I might see about going back up a bit, but with the goal of adding muscle mass vs. getting fat again.

So for right now that is all I got.
– iWrite4Me