Well, so far 2 in one week.

It isn’t easy trying to make time to get the rest of life done and to also make a habit of getting at least one post in on a blog you are trying to get off the ground. A blog which might change at some point because of me changing.

What is that change, ART, and my interest to get my past skills back, but that is going to take time, and at least a half hour per day of practicing those skills so I can get as good as I once was again. I am sure it will come back to me rather quickly, but my goal is to get even better than I was before. Also contemplating taking up painting and not just drawing.

I have other things that I am trying to get going, though not sure how quickly those things are going to materialize either as they will consume even more of my time which I have very little of as it is already. We will see it might come down to the things I enjoy the most and can be monetized the best is what I will concentrate on the most. As I am looking at taking things I love and using them to make some extra money, writing being one of those things and ART being the other. As they are both creative outlets for me and so those are things I will focus on the most.

Oh, one other update, weight still down, still full carnivore, and though I am eating good, my weight is still under 200 lbs. This is the first time in a couple of decades I have maintained my weight under 200 for this many days (5+ so far).

So this might be it for today, but who knows I might write some more later.

– iWrite4Me