Yes, I must get better at this, but it ain’t easy, that is for sure. Life impedes all the things that I would like to get done at all times. So I have to figure out how to best use my time to get everything fit into a day that I need to get fit into a day.

Right now getting to where I am writing daily, at least here and also on Medium, which I want to drum up some extra earnings by posting my writing there. It is possible, I just have to get in the habit of writing on the daily.

Another thing I want to get to doing is back into drawing, it is something I used to be great at, way back in the day, but I have done little with it in a long time. My intention is to get back to it and see what I can get back in terms of the exceptional skills that I used to have. Goal there is trying to at least get some kind of sketching in maybe every other day, as daily might be difficult.

Beyond all this, I am working out pretty much daily, though life has caused a couple of days to be missed. All good, gotta do what you gotta do. The other thing I am doing is the carnivore diet, so I am eating nothing but meat, and I use cheese since I am doing a lot of burgers, and need to add cheese and bacon to those. The goal is to get zero carbs; I had been doing this to about 80% for a couple of months, but this past week I am all into it for 100%, and so far it is good, I am down an additional 3+ pounds. When I started Keto I had been stuck at 230 for months with my weight bouncing between 225 and 235, but in the last 4 months I have finally gotten my weight back down to under 200. I haven’t weighed this little since maybe 2+ decades ago. I am pleased and getting where I want to be.

Well, this is it for now, will make sure I get something written tomorrow.

– iWrite4Me