So I have been trying to get a blog started now for months, and in this case I have another page up and running but have barely gotten it off the ground, and just yesterday I came up with a new idea to start a new blog with a new site name and so this is what I am running with here. It will cover a lot of ground I am sure with different categories which I will develop over the next few weeks as they come to me. But in the next paragraphs will be the intro post which I posted on that site which I will bring down in a day or so.

Yes back yet again, I was having some issues hosting wise and need to find some place that was cost effective to park all the websites I manage and be able to manage them all from one location. That issue is now solved, and I have brought the site back live. I have kept the theme simple and will probably use the one you see here, I kind of like it for its simplicity.

As far as what has been going on in my life, not that you care, I finished the class I started for school, while deciding to not continue going back, as two classes a semester is way to costly in time with my having to work full time and want to manage my online presence. However, I have finished up the first of 4 total certifications that are all personal training related, and when I complete the last one I will have Elite Trainer status with two more certs required to get to Master status which I intend to do. 

One of the websites I have to manage is my online personal training business website, which I am getting closer to bringing fully live, and that might happen this weekend or at the latest during this coming week. That is one way I will look to add money to what I earn, not that some people would say I earn enough already, but hey, I am shooting for freedom, and freedom requires money. The other thing I will do is trying to monetize my writing, so I will add a page back here for doing editing and proofreading, and I should have that up this week. I will also do writing on which I already do, so I will probably be cross posting what I write here there and vice versa.

In terms of the previous paragraph and the personal training, that will continue as a going thing only if my writing does nothing for me, if I should make more money from my writing than the personal training then something is going to have to give, I am not superhuman (though sometimes I would like to think so).

I will probably change the theme again because I want my logo to appear much larger than it does right now, but that will probably be tomorrow or at least in the coming week.

Well, that is all for now, more later.

– iWrite4Me