So I decided to run through another period of fasting after I had an epic cheat weekend, which I regretted after the fact. It was just bad. So on Monday night (14 October) at around 7PM had my last meal. I didn’t eat again until Friday night at around 530ish. Something to the effect of 100+ hours of just drinking water with electrolytes in it. The result was on Friday morning I weighed in at 197 lbs, which is the lightest I have been in 25 years.

The biggest reason for this was to end how my body reacts to carbs, which seriously isn’t good at all, because I get a little and I just have to keep going. So after all that cheating, I decided I have to purge more or less and get rid of carbs altogether at this point.

I will probably just now continue on the carnivore path which I had started down, as it was doing me lots of good, though if I stray from it I will just be remaining Keto Carnivore, so all carbs I have will be strictly Keto approved. I will not be having any junk food at this point anymore, I can’t my body reacts terribly to it after not having it for a long period.

The goal is still to get to 175ish looking to get my body fat percentage down to around 12 – 15%. I have gotten that down to 22% which is great because just a few weeks ago I was hovering at around 30% or so. An 8% drop is significant for me. Between the two periods of fasting which I went down 21 lbs., which is great as I had been stuck for so long at the same weight and then I did this one crazy thing and it was my breakthrough to get my weight loss moving.

Going Carnivore had helped, but it didn’t go far enough, so also from now on I will do Intermittent fasting with Keto Carnivore, though I will lean more Carnivore, as eating meat is just something which is way better for me and it was easy to figure that out and all.

I will also look at changing up workouts looking more to do hypertrophy type training, found a workout routine from Jeff Nippard which looks appealing to me, sometimes it’s better to try other peoples stuff, as it gives me a rest from programming my own workouts. Going to be working on a 3 days a week hypertrophy split it will allow me to work my entire body about 3 times a week with a good amount of volume which should be a good thing at this point.

Well, this is all for now.