New Springfield XD Mod 2

So I had to make some corrections to the logo. It wasn’t clean enough as it was, so I fixed that today. It looks a lot better.

Today has been an easy day, I just woke up and did about 32 minutes of cardio on my Elliptical machine this morning, nice easy workout for today and all. Then a shower and all that stuff before running out to get some stuff done that I needed to get done.

Most important thing I needed to get done was pick up my new Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 4″ (tried to insert the picture here after this but getting used to the new editor), so I have it for my trip to the range tomorrow.
Will take that and my Glock G19 Gen 5 MOS to get some rounds through them as neither of them have been shot yet. The only thing I need for the Springfield now is the holster I ordered while waiting for it but it isn’t here yet, as this will probably become my primary carry gun until I get the new Glock 43X, which doesn’t get released till Jan. 21. Already got my name on the list for one with my FFL.

Not sure what sort of exercise I am going to do tomorrow but will do something for sure, have to figure out if before or after the range and all, as tomorrow that is the more important thing I am doing. Will get my range bag all set up to go later on this afternoon and all.

Right now, just trying to get something written since I didn’t yesterday, even though I meant to do just that.

I am also figuring out how to merge down into using one site to blog from, so this weekend I will eliminate a couple of other sites during the day today or tomorrow. So I have everything in one spot to make things way easier to manage.

All for now!