So three days till I head out on another adventure, this will be the second time back to Orlando for work. First time was just before summer last year. The downside it was a pain in the ass to plan this trip, and I realized why, duh, its spring break, so I get to go down to FL with all the college kiddies who are on vacation.

Even though it was tough, I still got a decent hotel, a suite rather than a plain room, I hate just getting a regular room; I prefer some comfort when I travel. I just have to hope for the room to have a decent size fridge so I can do some food shopping, that is all I am worried about now. Trying to eat on the cheap while I am there.

I do hope to get some actual writing done while I am down there, so we will see if I can make that happen, I don’t see why not. Not like I will have anything else better to do. It will be work from 8 to 5 and then back to the hotel, get in a workout, eat some dinner and relax and write.

I will get to do the same thing again in a few weeks, but this time it will be in Alabama. I have been there three times, well actually 4 times before. I like it there, so looking forward to making that trip again. Later on in the summer I will be back in Texas again, after just having been there a week ago, and twice before in the summer.

Well, that is all for now. The fun part is packing and having to pack for different weather.