I know totally suck for sure. It isn’t easy to travel for work. So this week my full-time job has me in Austin, TX, now I am sure it is a beautiful and cool place to see and hang out at but I don’t get to do that. I get to spend my day working from 8 until around 5 then head back to the hotel and workout and then shower and eat. So I don’t get to do anything fun. A good portion of my job while doing what I am this week is like watching paint dry, so you can imagine how bored I am by the end of the week.

I do have hopes to visit http://rogueamericanapparel.com/ which has its original store here in Austin; I have been to the one up by Fort Hood in TX already, but I want to visit the original store while I am here. I was also hoping to check out The Range at Austin, but that is a 40 minute drive north of where I am staying and working, so kind of knocked that off the list.

And then today I am watching the weather and Friday is going to be shitty back home, where I have to fly into in the Northeast so there is the potential for delays in getting me home. I hope that something such as that doesn’t happen as I will not be a happy camper at all. I just want to get home at this point in time.

10 days after I get home I am back out on the road, this time to Orlando, FL. If the weather is decent, this will prove to be nicer but still, I won’t be doing much fun stuff while I am down there, other than hoping to find a decent place to stay so I can enjoy the hotel I am in it will be great.

The upside, when I am traveling I get a lot of reading done, depending on the length of the trip or even the flights I am knock off 2 – 3 books over the course of the trip. This week I might finish just 1, but that is OK, it is one more book knocked off my list of books to read.

I need to spend some time writing while I am doing this traveling; I mean I have lots of time, so I have to stop being a slacker, but sometimes it’s hard because time just gets away from you in these cases.