I was going to post something regarding this yesterday because Wednesday is the day I jump on the scale just to keep track of what my weight is. So on the scale, 220.2, I don’t mind the weight, if I wind up there I would be perfectly content.

My primary goal is to change my body’s composition, so at 27.4% body fat that is what I aim to change. Since I have gone back to regular strength training, my body fat has decreased, something that wasn’t happening when I was doing just plain old Crossfit style stuff. It went up.

My biggest issue in all reality is I have a sweet tooth the size of an enormous mountain. That is what I primarily have to conquer, and I think I will see my body fat levels decrease faster. So my goal is to get past that one weakness that I have and that should help me greatly in getting back to where I once was.

I think my end goal is to get down to around 10 – 12% body fat and I will be content. I also think that is a realistic goal, and I feel I will look damn good at that level if I can maintain my weight in doing so. I don’t think that will be much of an issue for me, because it seems even at my current age I have no issue in putting on muscle and getting stronger, I just have to lift right for me, and that I haven’t been doing till about 2 weeks ago.