Yes, some firearms related stuff, likely not too many will be interested but all good, just don’t read it. This applies to me because I am a firearms instructor part time and worked behind a gun counter. It was fun. I am also working towards doing some competitive shooting this year, so when I see new stuff I am happy.

First the G26 Gen 5, I have been waiting for this; it has Ambi controls so that makes me happy, which is why I have also purchased the G17 and G19 Gen 5’s. Being a lefty this is just an agreeable thing to have. Going to check this out this weekend, we will see.

This is another huge one G19X, didn’t think I was as interested in this till I started watching videos of it, but I might want this, especially if the price is right I see a place for this in my collection. This was Glock’s submission for the MHS contract. They lost, but we as the consumer win; we get this without the damned thumb safety.

And lastly, this is the G34 Gen 5 MOS, and this is wonderful because it as well has Ambi controls, so this will go back to being my competition gun once I can get one. I will use the G17 until that happens. I will probably get this and run it with an optic on it. OK, all for now.

Now that this has changed there will be more firearms content popping up here without a doubt, stay tuned for more of my favorite firearms.