So I work as my full-time gig as a federal Govt contractor, so I am right now sitting on the edge of my seat hoping they vote to re-open the Govt today, though it doesn’t affect me, it does my wife; I get to come to work, while she is now sitting at home because of the shutdown. According to what I have heard, it appears they will re-open it today.

I have been bad at this point and haven’t posted a lot recently, which is not good of me, just been busy with life. My weekend was busy, my son’s B-Day was on Saturday, he turned 23, and in a couple of weeks my granddaughter turns 1. Time has flown, that is for sure.

I have since started back at regular workouts focusing more just on strength training, and that works out better as far as I am concerned, so this weekend was just cardio workouts, so on Saturday I rowed for about 25 minutes and on Sunday we just went for a nice long walk with our dog over 2 miles.

So all in all, a pleasant weekend.

Back at work now, really can’t get much done with the Govt being shutdown all the people I need to do things for me are all furloughed and all, so I am just hanging out and making it look like I am working.

All for now.