Shit, I know again; it happens every week right. It is not like we can get rid of it and all; it is going to happen no matter what. And even if we could somehow eliminate Monday, then Tuesday feels like Monday and so on.

For me this sucks even more because my job feels like Ground Hog Day the movie, every day is a replay of the same day repeatedly, doesn’t matter at all what is going on, unless I am traveling it is the same and then even when I travel it is still the same. The travel part breaks up the monotony a little bit for sure, but I don’t have to do that till the end of February. But then I have a whole boatload of traveling then, with trips in February, March, April and May, to all different locations.

The weekend for me was OK, it was brutally fucking cold here though, so stayed in mostly, as I was by myself. The wife is in the National Guard and was in NJ for the weekend doing her thing; I used to go with her, but haven’t since we don’t have anyplace to stay without spending money we don’t have at this point.

This week is better than normal at work though, I have a small amount of work so that is a good thing, though I will be done with most of it by Wednesday at the latest.

All for now, more later.