Just wanted to put something out there, when I do a post here on this blog it will be RAW, I will not go back and edit shit, or re-write shit, well unless it totally isn’t making sense, I am just going to write, as that is part of the goal here, to just put what is on my mind or shit I think is interesting out there for others to see and hopefully to get those same people to interact with me regarding it.

Now being this is going to be RAW, well I can say it could be RAW, so there is a good possibility as I allow the real me to get to the surface I might offend some of you folks reading this blog, sorry but you are getting the real me, and well I will not apologize for that. I want this to be entertaining even if it is offensive, this is the actual world, somewhere out there is something that will offend anyone. Though I have yet to be offended by anyone.

I don’t, thoughts that I needed to share and all as I try to get this shit ramped up and try to get more readers and for me to do more writing, and honestly I don’t want to be worrying about what I am saying, if you don’t like it, well that isn’t my issue it’s yours.

New direction, but same thing. If I start getting on about something you are going to get the real me, nothing watered down about it. I prefer to be real and pull no punches and honestly I don’t care who I offend, they will eventually get over it.

OK, enough for now, more later.