Well, it is here, and we have another year in the books. So what is it I want to accomplish with this coming year, this will be a list that I hope to come back to and check items off of as I knock them out.

Biggest, earn 55K extra dollars this year and put it towards paying off all of our credit card debt so it is non-existent.

Start teaching people about safely using their firearms and concealed carry also as a part of earning that extra 55K.

Start writing and finish the novel I have in my head, it will be a multi-part story I expect to finish out in 3 books.

On the Diet & Fitness side

Exercise more, do more Crossfit style workouts with weight lifting in them, as this does the best for me to help my levels of fitness.

Clean up my diet, I eat too much junk; I gotta stop, or do better, I mean every now and again a guy has got to enjoy some cheesecake or ice cream.

Change my body composition, I am not hung up on how much I weigh, but I could stand to have less body fat, and if that means weighing less at some point then so be it, but I am not killing myself to get to some number that might not be possible. I have already lost nearly half my body weight from the high point was over 400lbs (and only about 20% body fat mind you) so all good.

On the fun side of things, just do more stuff outside as the weather permits. One of those things for me will be competitive shooting, since I have started shooting again this is something I am trying to work towards and this coming year I will get myself started.

Want to do some hiking in different areas around here where I live, just to get out and enjoy the fresh air more often. And because well it doesn’t cost money, need to save as much of that as humanly possible.

Oh yeah, another important thing, more SEX! Who doesn’t need more SEX! LOLOL.

Those are the big things, as I am sure there are lots more things I will do to improve myself during this year, but the biggest focus has to be on paying down our debt.

That is it for now.