Well, for me it is, this wonderful three-day week has me all sorts of fucked up with timing, and then next week is just going to be 4 days. But I am OK with that at this point.

However, I am not OK with it being under 20 degrees again today, not sure why after all my life in the NE that I am still not used to the cold when winter comes along. And it has roared in this month with both snow and now wind and cold. Please go away! And more snow to come this weekend.

Still working on this training stuff at work, it is fun, NOT! I have 10 more modules to finish by the 2nd of January, good thing I found out I can get an extension, which I will look into tomorrow, going to need it as I won’t get but 4 maybe 5 of them done by then, all depends on how long I take to get through the tests.

Just another boring day at the office for sure. In between I have been doing some more exciting reading though!

All for now!