Well, at least this week it is. Being it was the Xmas holiday on Monday, I decided that I would take off the Friday before and the Tuesday after to stretch my weekend out to 5 days, which shortens my work week to three days this week. And with it being quiet around here, it is a pleasant thing.

I have some work to do, but not much at all in reality, but trying to get it out of the way to get back to this work-related training thing I need to finish before the 2nd of January. That will be a tall order for sure, but going to give it a go.

The good things about this weekend, my son came down with our granddaughter, and I got to get in some range time with him. He missed that as much as I missed going with him. Also figured out that with my firearms I have a sweet spot, 4″ – 4.5″ barrels is where they need to be for me to shoot best. So now looking to trade two firearms to get two more that fit that sweet spot, just waiting for my FFL. But if anyone would like to buy me one of these, please do.

This is a Salient Arms M&P Tier 1 which I would love to have…LOL but at 2600 bucks it will not happen anytime soon.

Well, I must get back to work I have goofed off enough for the moment.

All for now!