It wasn’t much of a Christmas this year, we really did it on Saturday when our son was here, so today it was the wife and I. Since that was the case we did something different, since we live in an area rich in history we took off and headed to Washington’s Crossing State Park, to see the re-enactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware prior to the Battle of Trenton in 1776. It was cold and windy today but we went, and we had fun, gonna have to go back next year because they didn’t hold the actual crossing because of the weather (50mph wind gusts) didn’t help.

This was the first year in 26 years together that the wife and I didn’t exchange gifts, I wasn’t happy about it but we had to take care of others first, and honestly the fun we had today even though we were freezing was more than enough for me. I really put little stock in the whole gift giving thing, have my wife in my life is enough, I don’t need gifts; she is my gift!

Well, for now that is all. Just another boring day in the life! Back to Christmas movies, watching Miracle on 34th Street.

All for now!