Yes, with 2018 around the corner that always has everyone thing about what is coming, for me that is easy, I have some well-defined goals for 2018, and here is what I am looking to make happen for myself:

– Land a Govt job (This didn’t happen)

– Gotta earn an extra 55K (to pay our CC debt off in full.) (Still working on this)

– Get my Firearms Training business up and running and earning money.

– Start writing my novel and publish to Amazon by the end of 2018 or sooner.

– Possibly renew my Personal Trainer certification, started working towards this, just not sure if I will do that, it isn’t a must do just a, maybe. This is less likely to happen because really, I don’t have time.

– Finish my weight loss quest, I am down about 7 lbs and my intention is to get under 200, maybe around 195, but with a much lower body fat than I have. The goal here is just shed body fat. My weight doesn’t matter, especially if it’s all muscle.

I think this is more than plenty to accomplish in the new year, the most important is to pay off our debt.

That is all for now.