Being a firearms instructor new guns are something I am always interested in seeing, and I was quite pleased to see S&W finally come out with a handgun which directly went after the Glock G19, with that said check out the video below from Clay Martin at GunsAmerica about said handgun.

I own the Full-Size M&P 2.0 and love it and would like to add this because it is the perfect size handgun.┬áS&W beats the hell out of Glock in terms of how it fits in one’s hand, it seems to mold itself into your hand and doesn’t feel like you are holding a brick. So, let me add to this, I purchased the M&P 2.0 Compact and once I had it and carried it for a bit I had to trade it in and get another Glock, why, because the M&P though very ergonomic and feels great, it was much heavier to carry it for long periods of time, where the Glock 19 just isn’t.

Just a quick update on this post, I have since gotten rid of the full size M&P, but do now own the compact size M&P, which has replaced my Glock and it might wind up as my carry gun, but it might now either. The one that I will probably carry all the time at this point will be my FN509, either the regular one or the new Tactical model which I just picked up.

Update to this, I wanted to love this gun, but I couldn’t, it was too heavy when compared to others I own which just made it uncomfortable to carry. So I am back to a Glock 19 which I traded it for or one of the FN’s. They are all the same size, anyway. I have customized the new Glock with an S3F match grade barrel and a Zev Technologies trigger and a Magpul Magwell, and the sites got replaced right away on this with Ameriglo Spartan night sites.