And the one thing that isn’t happening is me getting laid!

So this week is shaping up to be boring for sure. I finished the work I had last week so now I am back to doing some learning so I can advance my position. The problem is the learning is boring as well but has to get it done.

It sucks having to post from my phone but happy I can, but to make it easier I got this Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech to make it work better. This way a longer post of something that comes to mind I will get done quick.

Still working on getting my ass in gear to post more on my blog, and once I have that keyboard, I will do my best to keep at it for sure at least once a day. That will be an impressive start in my eyes. The goal is to post lots here, then get lots of eyes on it and also start writing a full-length novel that I have been working on in my head.

All for now.