They are great, but they end and then we have to head back to what is that endless cycle of waiting for the weekend which just happens repeatedly. Maybe it’s different for people that like their jobs, I am sure they don’t find getting up and going to work a painful thing. Hell there was a time that I liked the work I do, but lately it has just become boring, not to mention that being a contractor sucks, contracts end, and then you have to hope they get rebid, renewed, option year granted and so on and so forth. I am again in one of those points where we are waiting to hear about a contract win, on the contract I am on, so it is one of those things that if my company didn’t win, then well I am done with that company and its time to move onto the next one that won the contract, it is something I have been doing often for the last several years, and it totally SUCKS!

Onto to something else, surprisingly enough the weather up here in the NE has been decent recently to include this weekend, but didn’t get to do much outside, though I might have to get outside and hang some more Xmas lights, we needed another string to put up in the front of the house. The whole new house thing, we have to figure out what to do with decorating and what not for certain holidays.

I am trying to get more visitors to this website but that isn’t something that is working too well, but I hope to get more and more people here, I guess if I wasn’t so boring it might help but shit I am just a normal guy who things in a bit of a demented manner most of the time. Like really, who thinks of how they would kill someone when they first meet them over anything else…LOL.

All for now!