To be more active on my blog here. Some randomness regarding debt and how it sucks. We are trying to see if we can get a loan to merge everything to one payment so it’s all paid and only one payment is needed, so far that is a bust and it’s sucks for sure. In the meantime I have cut up all our cards and we are going to get through Xmas without using too much credit.

I have chosen some cards to keep at the end of this once we pay all but from here on out we will concentrate on using cash for everything as well cash is king. I am doing what I can to earn more but that is tough for sure; I think monetizing this site will work for the best.

One thing I wiped out in changing this to my new business venture is the whole idea of writing a novel, well that is still likely going to happen, I have an idea for something which will be a thriller/crime type story, and I am developing it, and I will write erotic shorts.

That is it for this one!