Well, here I go again, not getting things up here, so now I am going to just cover what I was up to during the past 4 days.

Work sucks, and last Wednesday was no different, I just can’t get past the suck some days to see a good day of work anymore. And not that I hate my job because I don’t. I think it is more that I have to be concerned with what is the next gig and how much more money can I milk that for, that is the hard part, getting more money, I am already near the top end of what I can make for where I am working, so getting more will not happen easily, so that is the side hustle I am trying to develop.

But onto the weekend, Thanksgiving, we had my son come down, which was nice, got to see him and my granddaughter, so that was nice. We headed down to my Mom’s house for dinner itself, where I got to see my brother and nephews, so again nice to get to see and hang out with family I haven’t seen in a while. Ate a lot, watched some football, and all was great. Came back home later that evening, and the wife and I went out and started the Xmas shopping, hitting the pre-black Friday sales starting the night before.

Friday we woke up and headed out again and checked out some Black Friday sales, which honestly I didn’t think were all that great this year, but I think that is because they are running good deals way sooner. Not to mention if you are looking you are going to find shit on sale for a good price and I look. After we got done doing that we got some Xmas decorations put up outside. What we didn’t finish on Friday we got done on the outside on Saturday, which was cool. We have a new house, this is our second year there so we are still trying to figure out the best way to decorate outside.

Sunday was more decorating on the inside mostly but not until after we did some outdoor maintenance, owning the house now requires that we clean the gutters, after a year they were full, we cleaned them out about 6 weeks ago; they were full again, so we bought some gutter covers and spent about 3 hours installing them yesterday, so now no more leaves to clean and that will be a good thing, we just have to see how these things work and if they stay in place. Otherwise have to try something different.

Uneventful weekend for me, but that is a good thing. The downside is that it had to end and am now back at work. Luckily I have a bit of work to do, so that is a good thing.