Well, I started this up a few months ago with good intentions but those good intentions got pushed by the wayside because of other things that required me getting them done, which I am on the downside of getting that thing done, and what is that thing, finishing the college degree I started 29 years ago. I am now 1 week away from finishing. This will free up a great deal of time that I had to use for taking care of school, which I should do right now…LOL. I will get to that in a minute though as I first wanted to just get this done and get it started up again.

Update, I finished my college degree, so done with that. And now those that are seeing this site have noticed that it might have changed a bit because well my direction has changed somewhat in what I am up to at this point. So I am updating this to reflect that.

I will start manufacturing kydex holsters and other items made from kydex soon, most likely after I have all the equipment.

Stay Tuned for Updates.